tengmalms_owl_8262_JariPeltomaki Lapinpollo 9220 (Strix nebulosa) Great Grey Owl Oulu Finland June 2011 ural_owl_3306_JariPeltomaki    Hiiripollo_0182 (Surnia ulula) Hawk Owl Liminka Finland December 2005 Lapinpollo 0199 (Strix nebulosa) Great Grey Owl Tornio Finland March 2009  Tunturipollo 4959 (Bubo scandiaca) Snowy Owl Canada March 2009

Finland is famous of having 10 different Owl species breeding in good vole years. Oulu and Kuusamo areas are good for eight (8) Owl species; Eagle, Great Grey, Ural, Hawk, Short-eared, Long-eared, Tengmalm´s and Pygmy Owls – they all breed in this region in most years.

Finnature arranges workshops for Owl photography mainly during the winter time (February- April), when owls can be hunting in the open fields. Please notice that owl situation and availability vary between years!

In a good breeding years we arrange Owl photography opportunities on request for small groups only.

Please notice that Owl photography workshops will be announced after we know for sure that the Owls are photographable!

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Here are the Owl species what can be photographed with Finnature