Golden Eagle photography in Kuusamo

In early part of winter; January- February, it makes sense to book Eagle hides both in Oulu and in Kuusamo, but from mid-March onwards Kuusamo is better place for Eagles! Also in Kuusamo White-tailed Eagles are visiting the baits especially from late March onwards.

You will photograph the Eagles from different distances (from 20meters up to 50 meters) to give you a variety of shots. Adult pair of Golden Eagles are visiting the site daily and they are often mating in front of the hide!

One additional day in this workshop is spent by the forest feeders with passerines and woodpeckers coming to the feeding site. Also there is good possibility to photograph one or two of the special Finnish owl species during this additional day. If there is a good owl situation one should book more days to concentrate on them.

Full Moon, Aurora Borealis and Golden Eagles in Utajärvi and Kuusamo

12.-19.1.2014 (Utajärvi 13.-15.1. , Kuusamo 15.-18.1.)

9.-16.2.2014 (Utajärvi 11.-13.2., Kuusamo 13.-16.2.)

12.-19.3.2014 (Utajärvi 13.-15.3. , Kuusamo 15.-18.3.)

These one week workshops are for winter Finland at its best! Experience the short blue coloured daylight in beautifully snow covered Taiga forest.

This is the time for full moon, so there are good chances for beautiful winter landscape photos. We also have a good chance for witnessing the Aurora borealis, a magical and colourful display on the night sky which so many people can only dream of!  During the daytime we will photograph Golden Eagles and other birds that are visiting our feeding sites actively!

Full inclusive landcost price 2650€


Golden Eagles in Utajärvi and Kuusamo

The shorter workshops concentrate on Golden Eagles and other winter birds of Finland. January and February are the best months for Golden Eagles photography.

Four full days in our eagle hides in Utajärvi and Kuusamo. One day will be spent for other birds visiting our feeders or possibly for owls.

8.-13.1.2014 (Utajärvi 9.-10.1. , Kuusamo 11.-12.1.)

2.-7.2.2014 (Utajärvi 3.-4.2. , Kuusamo 5.-6.2.)

16.-21.2.2014 (Utajärvi 17.-18.2. , Kuusamo 19.-20.2.)


Full inclusive landcost price 1800€

Price includes

  • Transportation from airport
  • Finnature guide services throughout the trip
  • Use of Golden Eagle pro-hides
  • Heater in pro-hides
  • Full board (breakfast, packed picnic lunch, dinner)
  • Accommodation at Oulanka National Park research station during the stay in Kuusamo and in Merilä mansion while staying in Utajärvi

Group size

Min 4 persons and max 6 persons.

Operation time

Golden Eagles are visiting from January until April, but the White-tailed Eagles are more regular from late March onwards until early May.

Target species

Golden Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Raven.

Other birds from the eagle hide includes Siberian Tit, Siberian Jay, Willow Tit, Great Spotted Woodpecker. You will be able to get really close to these birds and a wide angle lens with remote control will be great for these photos.

Winter is beautiful time in Kuusamo, since early part of the winter forest is covered with snow. Also there are fair chances for Aurora borealis images during the nights! Winter 2012/2013 suppose to be very good for Northern lights!


Hides, tripod and lenses

Our hides are well-insulated and even if there is -30 °C outside, it will be warm and cozy inside the hide! Hides are designed by photographers so one will be able to take also flight shots and images where eagles perch in trees or in snow. If possible, we always use natural baits e.g. arctic hare (road kills) and eagles are very eager to feed on them!

For flight shots of Eagles 300 mm lens is ideal. For portraits 500 mm lens is better.

Converters can be used as well. For possible Northern Lights wide angle is the best choice.

There is no need to bring tripod. However, please bring your tripod head with you. You can attach your tripod head in board in our hides. Also bean bags can be borrowed here.

Special conditions

Reasonable fitness is required. There will be skido transportation to the hide. One need to be prepared to sit fairly long day in hide (length of the day depends on time of the year!)



Temperature can get as low as –30 °C, but the average temperature is usually between –10 and -15 °C. If there is rain, it should be snow, which looks nice in photos. There should be snow cover on the ground and on trees.

Weather forecast in Kuusamo

Lunar Calendar 2013

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Oulanka research station or Willa Uivelo in Kuusamo

Instructions for bird of prey photographers

How to photograph wild Golden Eagles (article)


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