• Red-crowned Cranes calling (Grus japonensis) Akan Hokkaido February 2010

  • Ahma 7304 (Gulo gulo) Wolverine 3.3.2007 Kuhmo, Finland

Bird Photography, Birdwatching Tours, and Wildlife Photography

Finnature Ltd is a ground tour operator specialized in wildlife- and birdwatching tours and wildlife – especially wild bird photography. Finnature’s company philosophy is to raise public perception of the value of Finland’s natural environments and to help preserve them for future generations. Finnature’s birdwatching and photography tours offer clients opportunities to enjoy the wonders of nature under expert guidance.

Finnature supports conservation work through WWF and BirdLife Finland. In 2000 The Finnish Union for Nature Conservation – the largest environmental NGO in Finland – awarded Finnature its annual environment prize.

Company’s owner Jari Peltomäki is awarded International Bird Photographer, public speaker and Bird Photography Mentor.